ARWtr2019   Electrical   T r a n s f o r m e r s

Institutions involved with ARWtr2019

* Universidade de Vigo, Spain
* Technical University of Lodz, Poland
* Universidad de Córdoba, Spain
* FEUGA - Fundación Empresa-Universidad Gallega, Spain
* CIGRE, Spanish National Committee
* CIGRE, Portuguese National Committee
* A2 CIGRE Transformers Working Group
* IEEE PES Spain Chapter
* IEEE Spain Section
* IEEE Transformers Working Group, USA
* I+DE Redes Inteligentes, Grupo IBERDORLA, Spain
* IBERDROLA Renewables, Spain
* IBERDROLA, Group of Energetic Spanish Companies
* UFD Grupo Naturgy, Spain
* REE,Red Eléctrica de España, Spain
* REN, Redes Energéticas Nacionais, Portugal
* ARTECHE,Instrument Transformers,Bilbao, Spain
* ABB Brown Boveri S.A., Córdoba Spain
* ABB Technology Center for Transformers, Zaragoza, Spain
* ABB Centro Regional de Servicios de Bilbao, Spain
* ABB Inc., Releigh, NC, USA
* ABB Switzerland Ltd., Corporate Research, Baden, Switzerland
* ABB Inc., Business Unit Transformers Technology Center, NC, USA
* EDF R&D Centre de recherche Electricité de France
* Laboratoire L2EP de Lille, France
* Inst. recherche en Énergie Electrique de Nantes, France
* NYNAS AB, UK – Nynas Petróleo S.A., Spain & Portugal
* NYNAS Nynas AB, Johannesburg, South Africa
* Nynas AB, Stockholm, Sweden
* OMICRON Tecnologias España S.L., Spain
* OMICRON electronics Gmbh, Germany
* OMICRON electronics Gmbh, Austria
* DUPONT Geneva, Innovation Center, Switzerland
* DUPONT USA * GE Monitoring & Diagnostic, Spain
* GE Lissue Industrial Estate East, Lisburn, UK
* SGB Power Transformers (SGB-SMIT Group), Germany
* Inst. iPAT, Friedrich-Alexander-University, Germany
* Indian Institute of Technology - Mumbai,India
* Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain
* Institute of Mechatronics and Inf.Systems, Lodz, Poland
* CEIS, Madrid, Spain
* Power Transformers Institute of Lodz, Poland
* Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
* Megger Instruments S.L., Spain & Portugal
* Megger Sweden AB, Sweden
* Megger North America, US
* Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain
* ORMAZABAL Corporate, Spain
* Mondragon University, Spain
* University of Strathclide, Glasgow, UK
* BioSymetrica, Toronto, Canada
* Universidad del Valle, Colombia
* Technical University of Athens, Greece
* Polytechnic Institute of New York University,US
* University of Delf, Netherland
* M&I Materials Ltd, Manchester, UK
* University of Pavia, Italy
* University of Southampton, UK
* Universidad de Cantabria, Spain
* Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
* Krilinex Power Solutions, Spain
* Doble Enigineering, UK
* Sea Marconi S.a.s, Italy
* Universidade Regional de Blumenau, Brazil
* Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica (IIT), Spain
* LCOE-FFII, Madrid, Spain
* DIAEL S.L., Spain
* GE Prolec, Mexico
* OMEXOM, Spain
* TJH2b, Spain
* TJH2b Analytical Services, Canada
* ASing Servicios de Ingeniería S.L., Spain
* EuroSMC, Spain
* Shell España S.A., Spain
* Ocean Winds S.L., Spain
* JMX High Voltage, Georgia, USA
* CAMLIN, N. Ireland
* Mckinsey-Utilityx, Madrid, Spain * amperis, Spain
* Voltamp Transformers Limited
* Applus+ IDIADA, Spain
* Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, Spain
* University of Manitoba, Canada
* Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
* Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain
* LOYOLATECH, Loyola University Andalucia, Sevilla, Spain
* Viesgo Distribución Eléctrica S.L., Spain
* Transformadores de Colombia S.A, Spain
* Guangxi University, Spain
* University of Bouira, Algeria
* Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina
* University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic
* Chang'an University, China
* University of Cape Town, South Africa
* Siemens, Germany
* Siemens, Brazil
* Doble Engineering, UK
* Instituto Tecnológico de Morelia, Mexico
* Universidade do Oeste de Santa Catarina, Brazil
* Hitachi Ltd., Center for Technology Innovation – Energy, Japan
* RedINtransf-Spanish Association for Innovation in Transformers
* TECNALIA Research & Innovation, Zamundio, Spain
* Bureua Veritas, Spain
* JST transformateurs, Lyon, France
* CNAT Centrales Nucleares Almaraz Trillo

Last   N e w s

[1.12.2019] IEEE ARWtr2019 Proceedings
The ARWtr2019 peer selected papers are posted at: IEEE Xplore Digital Library ARWt2019

[15.10.2019] Thanks ARWtr family
We hope that all of you are satisfied and during the ARWtr2019 days covered you expectations finding the Workshop enriched technically and scientifically, as well as stimulating fruitful contacts and links of collaborations which is the effort behind.
Thanks to all Participants, Sponsors, Speakers and institutions as well as committees for their invaluable support. Specially to our host in this occassion ABB Transformers.

[5.09.2019] Distinguished ARWtr'2019 Member
Award to acknowledge long-term support to ARWtrs. [+]
[29.07.2019] On behalf of ARWtr2019 Editorial Board we greatly appreciate the voluntary contribution given by ARWtr2019 Reviewers >>

[8.07.2019] It is delighted to announce that Authors of the selected papers from ARWtr2019 will be invited to submit an expanded version to a Special Issue in Energies Journal. See more >>

Co-Techical Sponsors

Advanced Research of transformers

T r a n s f o r m e r s   have been designed and widely used to transfer energy, for measurement, protection, electrical isolation, and signal coupling.
Much of the basic technology used in current transformers seems mature in its essence. However new challenges has to be enfaced every day tracking new scenarios that demands the highest level of knowledge, or even advanced concepts of transformers together with their components and equipment, expected to play a vital role in the upcoming systems.
These International Advanced Research Workshops on transformers have proved to be a well established and recognised way to stimulate exchange of practical knowledge and discussion about new trends, smart applications and practices on transformers.
Keeping informed contacting us.

* Levico, US
* Hyundai Electric, Switzerland
* Cargill, Brazil
* Institut Konçar, Croatia
* Comercial Química Massó S.A.
* REPSOL Generación Eléctrica SLU, Spain
* Kolektor ETRA d.o.o., Ljubljana Slovenia
* Siemens-Gamesa Renewable Energy, Spain
* Cover Verificaciones Eléctricas, S.A.U., Spain
* Transformadores IMEFY S.L., Spain

All accepted and presented papers will be published in the Workshop proceedings and submitted to IEEE Xplore Digital Library , Scopus and Web of Science databases.